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ZYN Fresh Mint


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Maku  Minttu
muodostuu Slim
Nikotiini 6,5 mg
Palat purkissa 20
Vahvuus Keskikokoinen

Zyn Fresh Mint: A Refreshing Embrace in Every Pouch

Zyn Fresh Mint offers a soothing, mint-infused journey, perfectly blending a refreshing flavor with a gentle nicotine kick. Each slim pouch is carefully crafted to deliver a balanced 6.5mg of nicotine, providing a light but satisfying experience for those who favor a subtle touch of freshness. With 20 pieces nestled in each can, this product stands as a beacon of refreshment for mint enthusiasts seeking a weak-strength nicotine option.

A Cool Mint Breeze Ydin Zyn Fresh Mint is captured in its pure and uplifting mint flavor. Designed to refresh and invigorate, it mimics the coolness of a gentle breeze, leaving a lasting impression of cleanliness and vitality. The slim format enhances this sensory experience, ensuring each pouch is discreet and comfortable, allowing for uninterrupted enjoyment of the crisp mint taste.

Gentle Nicotine for Mild Enjoyment Zyn Fresh Mint is tailored to those who desire a milder nicotine experience. The 6.5mg nicotine strength is thoughtfully chosen to complement the mint flavor, resulting in a weak but wholly satisfying pouch. It's an ideal selection for those new to nicotine pouches or for users who prefer a lighter, more refreshing nicotine sensation.

Tyylikäs, kätevä ja aina virkistävä With its sleek design and portability, Zyn Fresh Mint is a refreshing companion for any time of day. Whether you're at work, enjoying the outdoors, or simply relaxing at home, these slim pouches offer a clean, smoke-free way to enjoy the invigorating taste of mint. The convenience of Zyn Fresh Mint ensures that a fresh moment is always within easy reach.

Elevate Your Sensory Experience Zyn Fresh Mint goes beyond nicotine satisfaction, offering a sensory experience that refreshes and enlivens. It invites you to elevate your daily routine with a touch of minty freshness, seamlessly integrating into your life with its understated strength and delightful flavor.

Uppoudu virkistävään maailmaan Zyn Fresh Mint and let its crisp, clean flavor transform your approach to nicotine enjoyment. With its perfect balance of minty freshness and gentle nicotine, it promises a refreshingly satisfying experience that's as light as a cool, mint-infused breeze.